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Restaurants serving Kerala Cuisine in Hyderabad

1. Akson Restaurant

Located opposite to Model House in Panjagutta, Akson is a small restaurant that never has a temple empty. You will always see few people waiting for a table. They whip up piping hot and fresh Kerala style parottas and some good chicken. They also have Kerala meals. If you are a Malayali craving for some food close to what we get in Kerala, then Akson is a good option. Their Biryani is the typical Kerala Biryani.

2. Kerala Kitchen

One of the very few places that offers delivery services too, Kerala Kitchen, situated in Kondapur boasts of an impressive North Indian menu as well as a good Kerala cuisine.  A bit too heavy on the wallet though, do make sure you get your money’s worth.

3. Simply South

Simply South is a chain of specialty restaurants that serve regional South Indian cuisine. A winner of TIMES FOOD AWARDS 2017, Simply South ensures that their diners get the authentic flavors of southern spices on their plates. The budget-friendly menu has a lot to offer, which makes it a great place for families to visit. The genuine tastes of dishes make one’s experience worthwhile. The dim-lit ambiance is nice and traditional. It is located opposite Film Nagar Club in Film Nagar, Hyderabad.

4. Adam's Kitchen

You can find authentic Kerala recipes here. The restaurant is near to Hyderabad university back gate. It is clean and comfortable but less spacious. Most of the Kerala cuisine you love is served with authentic taste and at affordable price. The Chicken Roast, beef roast, and porotta is a must try here.

5. Gem Restaurant

Situated across the Secunderabad Railway Station, this small yet cozy place provides good food at affordable rates.  Good service and tasty food makes up for the lack of ambience.The Sunday special Kappa and the world renowned Malabar chicken, complete with coconut shavings, make into our must try list. If you are looking for sea food, do not leave without trying the prawns and karimeen masala.

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