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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Chennai

Chennai is a cosmopolitan city. There is a place for everyone here. Often considered conservative, Chennai is far from that. There are many places for every kind of cuisine. As a culinary hub, this is the place to be to taste all kinds of food cooked to taste. People, not just from India, but from across the world head to the city to try the authentic and tasty cuisine that Chennai offers.

#1 Bombay Halwa house:

If Indian-breads are something you can’t resist then, Bombay Halwa house is possibly the best option for you. There are many staunch foodies who have been dining here for years and Jains are the majority among them. Moreover, the taste in at Halwa house has remained the same for decades. There might be a bit of a rush in the weekends so, you’d have to be an early-bird during that time. Every vegetarian would surely fall for their Paneer dishes such as Paneer Tikka, Paneer butter masala.

#2 Flower drum:

Want to feast on a variety of Chinese and Thai dishes? Then, flower drum it is. The Pan-Asian style of cuisine is what flower drum is known for, but the actual reason for it to flourish is that there is not a lot of vegetarian, Jain restaurants that offers Thai food. No doubt, the taste here would hold a grip on to you. You’d trade anything for those smoking hot dimsums. The high demand has left no option for flower drum than to open several outlets in Chennai. Recently, they had opened an outlet in Thoraipakkam.

#3 Cream Centre:

Cream Centre is known for its authentic vegetarian food with a continental fusion. The best part here is, there are vegan options available. Over the years of their service, they have created a unique identity for their food. Their Channa Bhatura is somewhat of a legend. There are a lot of choices with sizzlers as well. Last but the best, the sizzling brownie they serve would enchant you forever.  The quality of the food and the variety they offer have made them grow at a really fast pace.

#4 ID:

The South Indian possibilities at ID would make your head spin. It has a dash of contemporary touch to its food that attracts millennials.  From set Dosai to piping hot sambar vadai you name it, they got it. If you longing for authentic filter coffee then you have to visit ID. You can have a scrumptious evening snack along with your filter coffee. Also, the chain restaurant takes a lot of care in putting the interiors together; the setting here is spick and span.

#5 Krishnavillasam- The Home Of Classics:

These are a chain of casual-dining restaurants that are kind on the pocket. They serve both north Indian and south Indian cuisines here. Even though there are n-number of dishes to choose from, their payasam menu would put you in an ultimate food coma.  The other must-try is from their lunch Thali menu that fills your tummy and your heart.

#6 Annalakshmi Restaurant:

As a unique idea Annalakshmi has a volunteering service of mothers and grandmothers that make homemade food. They serve a range of South Indian and North Indian dishes. However, their most famous food is their thali. They have multiple thali options for different kinds of eaters and different budgets. An elaborate thali cooked by homemakers, and mothers who come with years of experience of feeding their family and now are feeding the patron that walks in. This restaurant has branches across the world in Chennai, Coimbatore, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. You will find this amazing that the menu here has no fixed prices, you are free to pay as per the quality of your experience.
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