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Best Restaurants In Hyderabad That Are Bound To Turn You Into A Foodie In 2020

Hyderabad is a city loaded with famous monuments and exciting things to do but most of all it is a destination that delights the satiates the foodie inside you! Best restaurants in Hyderabad have been listed for you to choose the one that best fits your taste. So while you are at exploring the historical sites and monuments of the city, we lay down the top restaurants, diners, and cafes in the city of Hyderabad to make your search for delicious meals easy and accessible.

1. AB’s Absolute Barbecue

This is one of the best dine out restaurants in Hyderabad that serves the famous ‘wish grill’. It’s fun ambience and quick service makes it a jam-packed restaurant, so making prior reservations would be a prudent choice. It has two outlets in the city, equally good, so you can choose from the one nearest you. The diners particularly appraise the ambience of the restaurant that is suitable for friends and family alike.

2. Almond House

Looking for a place to satiate your sweet tooth? Almond House is the place to be! It not only serves cakes and mithat but is one of the veg restaurants in hyderabad. The place is economical and can be visited for quick bites and satisfying sugar cravings.

3. Punjab Grill

A perfect amalgamation of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, Punjab Grills is one of the most best buffet restaurants in Hyderabad. Reserving your seat is a good option as the place if often packed. It is a great place for friends and families to dine in and bond over their favorite cuisine, like, chicken biryani, butter chicken and other appetising dishes. Booking a table in the ‘happy hour’ enables you to get a discount on your favorite dishes.

4. TGI Fridays

If a complete bar, an area to smoke, wifi and enjoyable night life is what you are craving, visit TGI Fridays, one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad. Their happy hour is 1+1 on drinks and a pitcher of beer with Tostada Chicken Nachos, that will make a boring and tiresome Wednesday evening instantly happy and fulfilling.

5. Tatva

Appealing decor, comfortable seating with courteous and friendly staff make tatva one of the best fine dining restaurants in Hyderabad. Mocktails, paneer tikka, nachos, spring rolls, one has a lot of variety to choose from. Not only snacks and main course, their desserts are quite in demand as well. The restaurant also provides for valet service and all in all is a great place to dine in.

6. Cafe Bahar

The place is well renowned for its mouth-watering haleem, mutton biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, vegetable biryani and butter chicken. The service is prompt and the brilliant and legendary biryani served here makes it one of the top restaurants in Hyderabad. The best part is the place is quite economical and two people can dine in for about INR 600 only! Searching for best restaurants in Hyderabad to savour the authentic taste of biryani? You now know the place to be.

7. Cowboys and Angels

One of the new restaurants in Hyderabad, Cowboys and Angels have a unique and thrilling menu, just like their name. A retro interior with live DJ, the ambiance is nothing but the best! The courteous staff, a huge variety of food and drinks make this place one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad.

8. Bonsai

The restaurant specialists in Chinese and Continental dishes and enjoys some rave reviews. The ambiance of the place is cozy and comfortable. Good service, palatable dishes, and cozy environment makes it one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad India.

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