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3 Ways Franchising Meets the Needs of Female Entrepreneurs

Yes, women own franchises. Yes, they are successful. And yes, you will find it a good choice too. Within franchising, female-owned businesses start out with specific advantages that are not as available in solo start-ups.

Any business, however, is very demanding, and franchises are no different. However, they offer attractive features because franchises allow women to make female-first decisions that will improve several aspects of your business and your personal life.

Women Want and Need Flexibility

A flexible work schedule is one of the most-requested benefits in a traditional job. For many, it is due to commuting times, traffic, and the desire to work from home occasionally. For women, flexibility is particularly important for success. 

For example, a franchisee might be able to work half-time on the business while a unit manager runs the day-to-day operations. Franchise flexibility attracts women regularly who have multiple responsibilities because the work, the kids, and daily responsibilities meld together more easily.

Women Desire Freedom from Private-Sector Limitations

There is no disputing that women are still subject to pay gaps, based on gender as traditional employees. Because we are under-represented in many types of work, owning our own business goes a long way to leveling the playing field. Women are better educated than men overall and are generally known for personal characteristics that blend well in franchises that appeal to us more often: service, community, education.
Franchising is especially appealing because women can build and succeed with a model that is already proven to work. Within franchising, there is no glass ceiling or unwritten limitation on how far you will rise in your chosen franchise field. Opportunities are not limited by the business; instead, the opportunity is greater because it is based on your ability and effort.

Financial and Business Support is Part of the Franchise Package

Getting start-up funds is always a challenge, but women are a bit more conservative. With a franchise, funding is sometimes available through the franchiser. Because the franchiser understands what exactly is needed, funding may be less risky for you, and women-owners are treated equitably. Plus, any initial funding comes a bit easier with an established franchise brand.Training, support, and business expertise are significant reasons for anyone to consider franchising. Remember, the franchiser wants you to succeed too, and has a vested interest in making that happen. Female or not, you will embark on your franchise journey with supportive business partners. Since women are more collaborative, this support team means you are not alone.
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