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How To Increase Positive Online Restaurant Reviews

More than ever, customers are relying on online reviews to help them figure out where to eat. For a lot of guests, eating out at a restaurant is a special occasion that doesn’t happen every day. For this reason, people want to collect as much information as possible ahead of time so they can be sure of having a memorable and delicious experience. It’s important now more than ever to increase positive online restaurant reviews.

Follow these tips on how to increase positive online restaurant reviews and watch both the glowing feedback and the customers roll in.

1. Invite Your Regulators To Review

If you have a solid base of regular customers who love your business and with whom you’ve already developed an established relationship, you can reach out to them and invite them to leave a positive review online. It’s best to do this in person, at the end of a particularly exceptional dining experience.
Customers who you’ve spent time building a positive relationship with will want your business to succeed and online reviews are a simple extension of the word-of-mouth praise they’re likely already giving you. Likely your regulars will be keen to spread the word about one of their favorite establishments so don’t underestimate the power of a polite and gentle suggestion.

2. Build Your Relationships With Your Clientele

Take note of the guests who make a point to complement the owner or manager at the end of the meal as well as the guests who return more than once.
Having an up-to-date guestbook with client profiles is a great first step in keeping track of your budding regulars. Once you’ve determined your biggest potential fans, make a point to develop a relationship with them as the owner and encourage your managers to do the same. Once in a while, send them a little digest if or appetizer on the house to show how much you appreciate their business.
Now that you’ve built relationships, you can invite those new regulars to support your business online, again with that gentle power of suggestion.

3. Partner With Software That Encourages Reviews

Think about a software which in addition to handling your reservation book, prompts guests via email to review their dining experience. Having a reminder arrive right to their inbox after a great meal makes customers more likely to review a restaurant.
Furthermore, using this kind of software ensures that the people leaving reviews are people who actually ate at your restaurant.

4. Engage With Existing Positive Reviews

The online world is all about creating community and engagement — including in the world of reviews! Take a few minutes each week to respond with thanks to some of the positive reviews you’ve already received. Not only will existing reviewers appreciate the connection and make more of an effort to become repeat customers, but potential reviewers will also be more inclined to leave feedback when they see the impact it is making on the business owner and feel like they can connect with him or her on a personal level. Connecting on this level is one of the best strategies on how to increase positive online restaurant reviews.

5. Update Your Profile

If a business’s page looks inactive or out-of-date, customers won’t be motivated to leave a review since they’ll think the web page isn’t in use or of relevance to others. Monitor your online presence every couple of months as part of your marketing and branding strategy and make changes or updates as needed.

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