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Best Breakfast Places in Hyderabad

Breakfast is no doubt the most important meal of the day. It provides you with all the nutrition and  energy to tackle whatever surprises might be thrown at you later. Grabbing a good early morning meal is an excellent way to get a head start on your day. We have compiled a list of the top breakfast places in Hyderabad that’ll give you a reason to want to wake up early. Here are out recommendations.

Ram Ki Bandi

Ram Ki Bandi serves some delicious dosas and is considered to be the best dosa point by many in Hyderabad. Ram Ki Bandi is a small pushcart that manages to put a smile on each of its customer’s faces. The dosas and idlis are delicious. The place opens up as early as 3 am and continues serving dosas and idlis till 8 am. You really have to get up early to catch a bite at Ram ki Bandi.

Pragati Tiffin Center

The Pragati Tiffin Centre is located just opposite Pragati College and students are always seen surrounding the shop. This is one of the hidden gems in Hyderabad that serves some mouth-watering variants of dosas and idlis. Try the stuffed dosas, filled with paneer or other delicious stuffings.


The eponymous restaurant serves some of the best South Indian vegetarian food in Hyderabad. The restaurant has eight locations all throughout Hyderabad with the taste being consistent across all outlets. The unique selling point of Chutneys is the different kind of chutneys it serves, along with the regular food. The chutneys include coconut, mango, tomato, chili, etc. You are guaranteed to leave chutneys licking your fingers.


Bikanervala offers a fresh North Indian perspective on breakfast in Hyderabad. The place is home to some of the best parathas in the city that will leave you licking your fingers. There are other offerings such as chaat and samosas that also hit here. Bikanervala provides breakfast buffets where you can come and eat to your heart’s content.


Ofen is a restaurant serving up typical American and Continental breakfasts. The place is known to be visited by many health-conscious people who are looking to have a nutritious as well as a satisfying meal. Their breakfast platter is well known to many and people come here from all over the city to catch a bite.

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