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How much should you Invest in Different Types of Restaurants?

Most of us dream of having our own restaurant business, yet there is always a fear that keeps us from actually going ahead and achieving it. Among all the anxiety, one of the biggest hurdle is to which type of restaurant should I invest? We have comprised a list of various elements used to categorize restaurants.

Different Types of Restaurants
1. Fine Dining
Fine dining, just as the name suggests, offers patrons the very best in foodservice, and atmosphere. It is also the highest priced type of restaurant you can operate. The investment cost may from 50 lacs to 1cr and you may need around 1500 to 4000 sq ft of area. Investment costs will vary based upon the size of the location as well as the concept.
2. Casual Dining
For Casual dining the location may in Malls, Hotels, Shopping Complex, Business Centers and High Streets. The investment can be from 50 lacs to 1 crore. You may need 1400–2000 sq ft of area. Also the investment cost varies from location to location.
3. Fast Food
fast food restaurant, also known as a quick service restaurant (QSR) within the industry, is a specific type of restaurant that serves fast food cuisine and has minimal table service. Fast food restaurants are typically part of a restaurant chain or franchise operation that provides standardized ingredients and/or partially prepared foods and supplies to each restaurant through controlled supply channels. The investment range can be between 10 lacs to 20 lacs and you may need around 250–600 sq ft area. The money you spend and the size of area depends upon the location and brand of the fast food.
4. Cafe
Most cafes usually serve coffee, tea, pastries and small items for breakfast and lunch. Cafe's are generally casual and relaxed atmosphere. For cafe you need around 15–25 lacs and area may range from 150–500 sq ft. Cafe is one of the good on going business, also profit is more.
5. Buffet
Buffets allow guests to customize their dining experience by providing an array of options to choose from. Some are referred to as “All You Can Eat” restaurants, and most feature a theme, such as buffets that specialize in Chinese or Indian food. You may need to spend little bit of high amount also for space as people will serve by them self’s for their need. The investment can be up to 30–50 lacs and area can 600–1000 sq ft.
6. Food Trucks and Concession Stands
Food trucks and concession stands can take various forms. This might be your city street food truck, your baseball game hot dog stand, or your organic burger food truck. Food stands and food trucks are convenient options, as owners purchase a small unit (food truck or stand) instead of a large brick-and-mortar space. For mobile vans and food trucks the investment can vary from 10–15 lacs and space may range from 100–1000 sq ft.
7. Pop-up Restaurant
Pop-up restaurants, bars, and stands are a new trend that allows owners, chefs, and guests to try new food and restaurant concepts and creations. Pop-up restaurants can be anything from a beer garden only open for the summer to a sit-down restaurant in an unconventional location that’s briefly open for a month or two. For this you need a huge amount which may vary from 2cr-5cr and space may require between 2500–3000 sq ft.
Hope you got some information about different types of restaurants. If you are looking for a new restaurant set up, taking franchise SelectDine is here to help you out! a one stop solution for all your restaurant/cafe requirements. Visit our website or call us to know more.


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