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FSSAI Guidelines For Restaurants

If you are starting a new restaurant, you will have to comply with certain regulations by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This article will expand on the different types of regulations set by FSSAI. You might tend to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information in this article, or have some queries about some individual regulations. To accommodate that, I shall provide you a link which contains all the details you will need.

  1. Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011 — You have to register your restaurant business with FSSAI and fill out a form (Schedule II), which asks for your personal details (name of the brand, etc.) and business operations (source of supply of raw materials, etc.
  2. Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulation, 2011 — This contains regulations for food product standards. For example, milk fat % in buffalo milk must be 6% in Uttar Pradesh. This is done for all products.
  3. Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction of Sales) Regulation, 2011 — This regulation highlights what sort of sales are prohibited, and which ones are restricted. For example, milk which contains added water cannot be sold.
  4. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Packaging and Labelling), 2011 — This regulation highlights the safety standards that must be adhered to during packaging and labeling of food. For example, the use of rusty containers in the packaging of food is prohibited.
  5. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Contaminants, Toxins, and Residues), 2011 — This regulation addresses the maximum amount of contaminants that may be added to foods. For example, concentrated soft drinks may not contain more than 0.5 PPM of Lead (by weight).
  6. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Laboratory and Sampling Analysis), 2011 — A sample of the imported article must be sent to the laboratory for checks.
  7. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Food or Health Supplements, Neutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary Purpose, Functional Food and Novel Food), 2016 — This contains food regulations for health supplements and special foods for dietary purposes. For example, health supplements can be used to supplement normal diet of a person only above the age of five.
  8. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Food Recall Procedure), 2017 — This regulation contains procedures to follow in case a certain food item is recalled.
  9. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Import), 2017 — This article is about import regulations. For example, a person cannot import a food article without an import license.
  10. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Approval for Non-Specific Food and Food Ingredients), 2017 — You will need approval from FSSAI to import, sell and manufacture non-specific food items. This article elaborates on ‘non-specified’ food items and food ingredients.
  11. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Organic Food), 2017 — You need to comply with certain regulations to manufacture, import and sell organic food. This article is about that.
  12. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Alcoholic Beverages), 2018 — This article classifies alcoholic beverages.
  13. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Fortification of Food), 2018 — Micronutrients may only be added if it improves the health of individuals and other criteria. This article lists them out.
  14. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Food Safety Auditing), 2018 — This article lists procedures to be followed during quality assurance checks.
  15. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Recognition and Notification of Laboratories), 2018 — This article lists criteria for recognition of laboratories.
  16. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Advertising and Claims), 2018 — This article governs advertising policies. For example, firms cannot claim false information
  17. Food Safety and Standards Regulation (Packaging), 2018 — This article is exclusively about packaging regulations. For example, materials that come in contact with food must be of food-grade quality.
That was all the regulations by FSSAI pertaining to restaurants summed up. If you have any queries related to any information here, please check this page. If you are looking for someone to help you get permits and licenses pertaining to starting a new restaurant, your search ends here! SelectDine is a consultancy company in the ‘Food & Beverage’ Industry that helps people set up new restaurants, and existing brands to expand. Obtaining permits and licenses to start a new restaurant is part of the services that they offer.


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