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Food Permits & Licenses that You will Require To Start A Restaurant In India

Once you have decided to start a restaurant, you will have to comply with certain rules and regulations for getting started with your business. Coming to the permits, getting all the legal permits can be a headache and most people get intimidated by all the different kinds and back out of the business before even starting out. This article will elucidate on the major food permits and licenses you will require to start a restaurant in India. Business Registration: Business must be registered as a ‘Pvt. Ltd’ or as a partnership company. It is basically a permit start your business. Municipal Corporation Trade License: It needs to be renewed every year and is issued for one financial year. FSSAI: You will need a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India approval to run a food business. GST Registration: It is a state-specific registration and every restaurant should get their GSTIN. Fire and Eating House License: The fire department and police commissioner of the cit

How To Find A Location For Your New Restaurant Opening

If you have made up your mind to start a restaurant, you might be pondering about a location to start your place, among other factors like funding. I had talked about the concerns people have while starting a new restaurant and provided a brief guideline to the same in  a previous article . This article shall elaborate on one of those aspects — how to determine an ideal location to start your new restaurant, or a location to expand your existing brand. Step 1: Figure it out Before actually starting to find a location, figure out if you want to go through the process yourself or hire someone to do it. Companies like  SelectDine  have a location customization team who will find a location for you that will work for you. They compile a list of best locations in town and get back to you so that you have a plethora of options to choose from. Another potential option is to do the work yourself, which is totally fine; if you feel that you do not have the tim

How To Make A Menu For Your Restaurant

In my  first blog post , where I talked about how to start a new restaurant, I had scantly mentioned about creating a menu for your restaurant — this article will be all about that. People often tend to neglect and undermine the value of a good menu, but in reality, it can do wonders as far as  marketing  is concerned. People remember when rather minuscule details stand out and can leave long-lasting impressions on your customers. While I am no way trying to imply that an eye-pleasing, comprehendible menu will be the ‘make or break’ factor in improving your restaurant’s brand, a good menu can definitely make sure that your customer is impressed with you. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic of this article Step 1: Segregate Before actually starting to design your menu, you should have a rough idea of what is going to be on the menu. For example, if you are starting or expanding a sit-down restaurant, you might want to segregate your menu into appetizers, mai

Why is it a good idea to invest in the restaurant industry?

If you plan to invest in a business, there are plenty of options. Plenty, that it often confuses investors and discourages them. In this article, we will throw some light on the restaurant industry and will tell you why it is profitable to invest. 1. Food is essential: Living beings need food for survival. And humans especially crave for good and delicious food. Therefore, we are never content with the food we eat. We always crave for something more, want to try another cuisine or experiment  1  with food. Moreover, the whole dining out experience is unbeatable. The demand for food is never going to subside and so for the restaurant industry. 2. The restaurant industry is booming: The restaurant business is not centralized and also supports the growth of other industries. The Indian foodservice industry is projected to have a volume of 77 billion transactions, an increase of 28.5 percent since 2017, as predicted by FICCI. This makes it an ideal time to start investing

Websites That Provide Franchises In India

If you have made up your mind to start taking franchise(s), you might be wondering where to start looking for them. If you are not sure if you want to start a new restaurant or take a franchise,read  this article . Coming back to the point, there are multiple ways to start looking for franchises. You can find websites, cold call restaurants, or hire a consultant to find one for you. This article is about the websites that provide franchises in India. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it; here are websites that provide franchises in India – 1. Franchise India: The most popular and sought-after platform for buyers and seller 2. SelectDine: Website providing franchises in ‘Food & Beverage’ Industry 3. Franchise Mart: Similar to Franchise India, but receive less traffic than them 4. Starting Franchise: Behind the top two in terms of traffic, but still has good opportunities nevertheless 5. Franchise Expo: Also offers opportunities in Bhutan, Nepal, Sri L

Ways to Market your Restaurant

Just how many types of marketing are out there? I am sure you will you find many articles online — with disputed numbers. You might find articles like this — “Five types of marketing”, “Ten types of marketing”. So now you might be thinking, why is there not a concrete and clear number of ways to market. The reason for this is that marketing is adaptable, and different for every cause. This article is all about ways to market your restaurant. Way 1: Online Marketing Digital marketing is the most commonly used and popular form of marketing in the modern age. Whether you are using Yahoo Mail, browsing through Times of India, or socializing on Facebook, you would be seeing a lot of advertisements where brands promote themselves. Online marketing is huge — you could pay Google to pay for you, take up the business yourself, write blogs. You might be wondering how to use this form of marketing to your advantage — to market your restaurant. If you are not strapped for cash and do not w

5 sure shot ways to ensure a prosperous restaurant

It is every restaurant owner’s dream to run a successful and profitable restaurant. Some of them are clueless as to how to keep their restaurants from failing. Continue reading for finding out more about how to save your restaurant. 1.Customer service investment : Make sure you don’t neglect this. Invest in good customer service to improve customer satisfaction and to be assured they would visit your restauran t again. 2. Marketing : This is a game-changer. Restaurateurs who invest in marketing generally make more profits than those who don’t. Marketing attracts customers and keeps the business going. 3. Great interiors : With the rise of food blogging and Instagram, beautiful interiors have become an essential part of any restaurant. You will never regret investing in good interiors and ambience. It just makes the whole restaurant aesthetic. 4. Update regularly : Adapt to changes and keep updating your menu regularly, and also draw customers to your restau

Why do restaurants fail?

Have you ever wondered why there are hundreds of new restaurants popping up every month but only a few of them manage to escape failure? A survey conducted by Economic times states that more than 50% of restaurants fail in the first year of establishment. Let us look at the reasons behind such an alarming rate of failures. Poor Management: First-time restaurateurs are usually inexperienced and do not properly plan their operations and financials. Being over-optimistic can also slowly lead to failure. Improper location: Choosing a suitable and profitable location is vital for restaurant success. Usually, owners don’t take expert advice while fixing a location. Lack of marketing: This is the most overlooked factor. It has been proven that customers can be influenced by good advertising and marketing, not only in the food sector but almost all sectors. Investing some money into marketing is essential. Read more about how marketing can boost restaurant sales at  https://medium.c

Different Types of Restaurants

Whether you are interested in starting a new restaurant and are wondering what sort of restaurant you should begin, or if you are just looking for more types of restaurants to try out and upgrade your foodie status, you are at the right place. This place is about some major types of restaurants found around the world. 1. Fast Food Probably the most famous and accessible type of restaurant in the world these days, fast food restaurants have crowded the food and beverage industry by quite a margin. It is affordable, accessible, and convenient. It is the go-to option for people trying to squeeze meals into their busy schedule. However, all this comes at a cost — fast-food is generally unhealthy. These foods will ultimately affect your health in the long run. 2. Casual Dining Casual dining restaurants would come under the ‘sit-down’ restaurant category. While it is still affordable, it is more expensive than fast-food restaurants, and you have table service. It is a mor

How to Select the Right Franchisee?

If you have made up your mind about franchising, you might be wondering how to select the right franchisee. This can often be a tedious process — much like dating — where you have a lot of options but do not know which one to pick.  Here is how you should go about picking your franchisee : Step 1: Start a Formal Process It is nice to have a formal initialized process so that you can keep track of what you are going through at all times. If your business does not have a website yet, I urge you to spend quality time and build a website (it will be useful for marketing later on as well). On your website, you should have a section where you talk about franchising and have a formal process laid out for it. Step 2: Firm Description I know this sounds absurd that I am asking you to think about what you do. You might be thinking, ‘Ahh, of course, I know what I do, why is he asking me to think about it?’. Yes, you do know what you do, but you need to be able to convey it as accur

How to select the right Franchise?

If you have made up your mind to start franchising, you might be wondering how to select the right franchise. This can often be a tedious process — much like dating — where you have a lot of options but do not know which one to pick. Here is how you should go about picking your franchise: Step 1: Match Your Interest & Strengths If you are unsure about the industry you wish to delve into, take a step back and reconsider where your interests lie. You should ideally delve into an intersection of something you understand well and something you are good at. A red flag to keep in mind is that you should ideally avoid industries that are overcrowded or deserted. Step 2: Time Constraints To get a good return on investment, you have to be constantly looking to improve your business. This often requires a great deal of time commitment and varies from industry to industry. For example, if you decide to franchise a restaurant, but will not be able to spend time at the site at all, th